ChatGPT: The new Oracle of Delphi June 17, 2023 | 4 min Read

ChatGPT: The new Oracle of Delphi

AI has become the new topic everybody is talking about. It will change our entire life from our daily awakening till the sun goes down and it’s time to go to bed. How we interact with other people, with our clients and providers, with our relatives, coworkers and bosses, how we work, how our domestic and family lives will be conditioned with AI.
The birth of ChatGPT has meant the introduction of Artificial Intelligence at the service of the common citizen because, let’s not forget that AI techniques were developed many years ago, they are not new and only with the new and incredible state of the art of computing devices this new world that is opening up for all of us has been possible.
Surely most of us who are reading this blog have already interacted with ChatGPT or another AI and are impressed (or scared) by how well the AI does. You are tempted to continue using AI for your daily life: at home, at work,… Even maybe, you are trying to solve your daily work just by asking the AI: ChatGPT always has an answer for anything. ChatGPT is becoming the new Oracle of Delphi.
In Ancient Greek, people used to go to the temples of the city looking for the answers to life that the human being was not capable of solving (now the same thing happens). The most important and famous was the oracle of Delphi. People all around Greece traveled hundreds of kilometers to Delphi to consult the future that awaited them and act accordingly. There was not the slightest scientific proof that they were correct in their predictions, but the confidence of the people was such that the result that the oracle offered was not in doubt. The fame of the Oracle lasted approximately 400 years,….too much time.

The modern Oracle

As I have commented before, we are now using ChatGPT and other AI’s like the modern Oracle…. First of all it was other applications like Google or services like Wikipedia that offer more or less accurate information about anything. All of us have been using Wikipedia or Google as the absolute truth without stopping to think if that information on the Internet was correct or not. Now ChatGPT is the next twist,……you don’t even have to read an article, ChatGPT does the job for you!!!! So how do we use this incredible machine? Well, to ask absolutely for everything, we are putting our lives, our work, our decisions in this new and incredible invention. we are abandoning our mission as human beings on the face of the earth to be resolved by the “machine”.
But you have to know that AI is far away to be “intelligent”, it’s more likely a “parrot”, it can talk, but can’t reason. The AI has a lot of data and information, that information has been uploaded to the AI, but it can’t know if its bad or good information. The AI is limited to responding with the data it previously has. The AI will always give the same answer unless you change its data. This is very dangerous: first of all if the previous data are wrong, the answer given is wrong and second, if the environment or the conditions change the AI becomes useless always giving a wrong answer.
In conclusion, ChatGPT or any other AI can be our best friend or our worst enemy, it can be very useful if we know its origin and limits but if we trust blindly on it, it’s probably we find nasty surprises and instead of solving our lives, it complicates us.
I hope this article will help you to understand the new future is raising right now in front of us.
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