Will AI make a more egalitarian world? February 4, 2023 | 3 min Read

Will AI make a more egalitarian world?

AI is here right now and it’s going to change our lives completely.That’s what all of us are all clear about. We will be able to do many things that were more complicated in a much easier way and what is more important, faster.
At first glance we can think: ”Well, this new world is within reach of everybody, so everybody has the same chances and therefore AI will make us all equal”. But, is that true? How long will that last?
We have to consider that AI’s are different between them and new AI will appear over time, each of them planned, analyzed, parameterized, developed, and trained in different ways so they will provide us different results to the same questions or problems we pose to them. That fact will give rise to a new market: the AI market. In this new market, the value proposition will come given from the AI used and another great important factor: the way you, human being, interact with that AI. The market will be in charge to evaluate the accuracy and speed of the results you can give and value the AI work and your own work.

Economic point of view

Namely, as happened in the 19th century’s industrial revolution and the late 20th century-early 21st century’s technologic revolution, new needs and markets will be created to live in society. The way you will provide solutions to those new needs is what will determine your success or failure in your life so what it seemed that will bring equality of opportunity among all mankind only will become another disruptive element. If you can afford a better AI or a much easier or intuitive AI, you will have more chances to succeed in your life.

Sociological point of view

From the economic point of view we see that things will not change, but, what about sociological point of view? We can think that AI will make all us more equal, giving chances to less able people in order to easily solve their problems or disabilities: the world will become a place where nobody will stand out because nobody will need to stand out, the AI will take care of you and your problems. Well, in that case, people who have the ability to discover the best AI, or the best price/quality ratio AI will have advantage in that new world therefore, there won’t be a more equal world.

Conclusion: the AI will change the path but not the goal

Even it will be a race to infinity to get the best AI made ever, as always has happened throughout history. We have always moved along from the first steam trains to the last hypersonic ones, increasingly powerful and efficient automobiles, chip technology, ever faster microprocessors, graphics cards, etc.
All the technological evolutions have initially brought processes that produced a leveling of conditions for the whole world to move on to a process of differentiation by creating a new market to be developed. The AI will not be the exception that proves the rule either.
At alaba a.i. we are aware of the great and powerful ability that generative AI tools can make for all of us and we are doing our best to develop useful software development for everybody.
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