Generative AI text tools as software to cheat November 29, 2022 | 2 min Read

Generative AI text tools as software to cheat

Just right now all of us are experiencing the new world we are building now with the new generative AI tools. They help us to make our tasks much easier than they used to be but also we can fall into temptation to use these tools for cheating.
These tools are making life much easier and we would be silly if we don’t use them, but it is no less true that the more you use it, the less your work is worth and what is more important, your brain works less.
The same could apply to children and teenagers with their homework. In that case the problem turns out to be worse because that’s the moment they are in the learning stage of their lives and the comprehension and relationship tasks are creating and materializing in their brains.
Should I avoid using generative AI for those purposes? Absolutely not, we must use these tools as a support to our work. In fact, generative AI combines what it has learned before and your own input to formulate the answers you are looking for. The result is part from the AI and part from you. What we must do is avoid using it as the one and only rule.
Would we become dumber? Not now, but in the future if we abuse using those tools the next generations’ capabilities would be more reduced. We can not forget that AI get feedback from our own world so this reduction of our capabilities will also have a negative impact on the generative AI processes.
How can we stop that evolution? Sadly there is no unique solution for this problem. It’s a mixture of different factors: work ethic, giving more importance to practical works and tasks, education based on in-class tests, in other words, our world will have to value human tasks better than generative AI ones if we want to stop the process. All is not lost, we always have the possibility to create new AI’s to detect AI cheating!!!
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