Generative AI: The Next Step November 20, 2022 | 2 min Read

Generative AI: The Next Step

It’s a fact that our world is about to change in a breath with the new advances in AI that have been developed in the past five years. Now, we have a new one step: Large Language Models or “LLMs”. Already, advances in Large Language Models, or “LLMs,” and other generative ML tooling are streamlining content creation.
LLMs are complex neural networks that can generate text, conversations, conversions text-to-image, audio, video, data,… whatever.
LLM’s are gradually covering all intellectual human tasks. The advances are so fast that we are approaching an inflection point. Sooner than later most online content will be produced by AI’s.
There are some factors that will make this evolution faster:

1.- Software development:

As a result of many years of ML computing innovation, many generative models are nearing if not surpassing human benchmarks on certain metrics.
Data architecture: The advent of the transformer, a model architecture, has catalyzed the rapid development of and success of LLMs.
Few-shot learning: LLMs benefit from few-shot learning: They can perform on certain tasks with little to no specific training. Domains where data is scant may now be in play. These factors will accelerate innovation and startup creation, as labeling large datasets has traditionally been a bottleneck and cost center for companies. The few-shot paradigm improves the bootstrapping economics for startups.

2.- Hardware evolution:

Hardware: The improvements in GPU architectures allow to train larger models with greater amounts of data.

3.- Accesibility:

Unlike years past, developers can now access private APIs and open source models for generative ML. This factor stimulates strongly bootstrapping genuine startups like alaba a.i. with new ideas but not owned, expensive and powerful tools. The power of many little efforts can make many big things.
There are other considerations like ethical, legal issues that are pending to be settled but the fact is that the future is based in AI generative.
At alaba a.i. we are aware of the great and powerful ability that generative AI tools can make for all of us and we are doing our best to develop useful software development for everybody.
If you’re building for our AI-generated future or supporting the advancement of this new world, we’d love to hear from you! Please reach out to us or simply subscribe to this blog



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