Augmented intelligence, the real A.I.
November 22, 2022 | 2 min Read

Augmented intelligence, the real A.I.

Human evolution has always been based on the purpose of getting more efficient and the ‘law of least effort’ has been the only one every human being wants to abide by. It’s not objectionable, not only humans but also animals are governed by that law. Even we can consider that Darwin’s “Theory of Evolution” is a sample of this: the evolution of the species is based on thousands or millions of biological changes to adapt themselves, being more efficient and survive.
Just right now we have a new powerful tool to be more efficient and provide us with full automation: artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is going to give mankind the tools to make life very much easier. It sounds great, but the bad news is that the natural world as we know it will disappear.
So humans are in the dilemma to choose between automated life or natural life. It’s a huge dilemma, the temptation to have an easy-going life is very strong. On the other hand, natural life is what gives us the passion to live, feel and love. It’s time to create a new concept in our lives: Augmented Intelligence

Enhance, not replace

As Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider first proposed in 1960, you can use tech to make you better at what you do, creating a symbiosis between technology and reality to make an enhanced reality instead of an automated artificial one.
As I said before, the temptation of being a victim of bad tech is very strong. The challenge humans have is to find technical solutions that make us better persons in order to reach a better world rather than reach a more comfortable world that makes an automated, artificial and dumb people.
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